A Very Pretty Young Girl

I saw a very pretty young girl this morning walking very slowly and in a funny way. I walked pass her and took a closer look and realised she is pregnant.

That young girl should be in school preparing herself for the future, but alas she has been slowed down. PRINCESS, pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases can slow down your destiny.

Sex in itself isn’t bad but the timing could be wrong. There is time for everything. Don’t put the cart before the horse. You can avoid the many evil that befall young ladies as a result of sexual immorality by making up your mind to stay pure.

Condom can fail. It cannot protect you 100% from getting pregnant, let alone the sexually transmitted demons that condom can never stop. Don’t slow down your destiny for just a few minutes pleasure.

It doesn’t worth it. The question I kept asking myself when I saw her was, “Where is the guy that got her pregnant? He is probably in school moving on with his own life, or may be with another girl already.

All I could do was to say a silent prayer for her to carry through in Jesus name and for her to learn her lesson from there. If you have reached that stage already, may be you are pregnant or dealing with a sexually transmitted disease, its not the end of life.

Just make up your mind to serve God and give yourself to Him from now. It may slow you down but once you surrender to God He will give you a new beginning.

The Lord keep her and give her a new start in Jesus name. Be wise Princess, please, be wise!!!!

Good morning

WALLs. 👍🏽 OmolaraPMH.

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