Be Deliberate

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There are things expected of a princess. There are responsibilities she must carry out. Duties she must not fail in. But when a lady does not know she belongs to the royal blood, how will she even know what is expected of her.

Don’t live like an ordinary girl who does what the flesh pushes her to do. You are royalty and you must live that way in and out. Carry yourself with dignity.

Don’t live your life to chance. Be deliberate about your purity. See your duties in the word of God.

Good morning WALL Princess
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One thought on “Be Deliberate

  1. Salvation Aderemi says:

    I really love what I just read about the organization. It’s a fantastic vision. Indeed only God can help and heal such. I know what it means to suffer from sexual impurity, God really bless you ma. I pray we young ladies get intentional about our decision and allow God do his.

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