Step Out Now

For some people the only reason they have not started what God has called them to do or impressed in their heart is the fear of falling short of what they preach.

They are afraid Of the commitment that is required for running a ministry and reaching out to a set of people. For some they think they are not worthy to do it. Assignment delayed is destiny delayed and destiny delayed is the devils delight.

Step out and start what God has called you to do. You cant commit by your power. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you and be ready to pay the price of denial. Destinies are waiting for your manifestation.

Step out now.

Good afternoon

WALLs 👍🏽 OmolaraPMH

8 thoughts on “Step Out Now

  1. Babatunde Monilola says:

    ma, I use to have the passion to preach the gospel but something keeps holding me back which is friends in school because of my flexibility because am always rising and falling but can I do to that ma?

  2. Ogunfuyi Rafiat Ololade says:

    This is a great post/counsel ma. I appreciate your commitment to help young ladies discover and be who God want them to be.
    However, I always look forward to knowing the best time to start but it seems that time will never come or shouldI say there is nothing like the “best time”.
    Also, I don’t want to start anything new because I believe there are existing bodies /organizations, groups like yours that need to grow, need more hands and that I could actually join them and still fulfil purpose.
    Meanwhile, I have the problem of a inner critic that I have not been able to silence.
    I’ll love to be mentored if there is an opportunity for such.

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